Jun 5, 2011

a traditional family crest used for graphic design

The traditional Japanese family crest is often used to graphic design of material.They symbolize  the natural animal and plants.

Healthy ice cream made with no artificial colors or preservatives and minimal fats produced by a Kyoto restaurant that tenaciously pursues a "slow food" concept.

 I expressed traditional flavors of Japan (soy flour, azuki beans, greentea, Japanese mugwort, brown sugar syrup) using colors. I used a Phoenix illustrated with a traditional Japanese family crest as the unified image of the brand. It included a wish that the customer “take care of your body, so that you may live a long life”.

They are used in the crest with a simple shape. Their shape has a meaning,a message is transmitted instantly to the people saw it. So crest is often used for design.

The concept resonated throughout Japan, and was featured in such media as magazines and televisions. It became one of the most popular ice cream in Kyoto. 

May 15, 2011

Calligraphy meets Computer graphics

A contracting firm in Yamashina, Kyoto that was established 35 years ago.
We created a logo consisting of two circles below the roof of the house in which it is located.

In Japan, the word en "circle" is a homophone of the word en “bond, link, connection”, and thus the two words inspire mental associations between one another. The two circles below the roof express the “bond, link, connection” between the contracting firm, its operator, and the people who live there.

We used computer graphics to process the striking lines of the orthodox Japanese calligraphy written by the calligrapher Hina Takagi.

She was born to family of calligraphy, learned it from just three years old.
So she can hand-drawn lines has a rich feeling.
Our computer processing, the line is carefully organized, and available everywhere.
I use the hand work to produce the design as much as possible.
Because the hand work includes a rich emotion.


Apr 29, 2011

Socks gift package design

There are many opportunities to give away as a present the very practical gift of socks,but since socks are an item that goes on one's feet, the giver might end up seeming in elegant.

Even in high-class department stores, socks gift boxes are often contained in packaging designed in poor taste. Therefore, I designed socks gift packaging intended to be in better taste than any other brand in the world.

This gift packaging enabled the giver to express their selves sincerely, by giving socks as a gift that allowed the recipient to assert his or her fashion sense from the feet up. 

A gift box exclusively for a mat preparation cosmetic board. The NO-OK embossed logo on the lid shines as if it didn’t have a care in the world, and it uses a warm design that enables one to feel the sentiments of its sender the moment it arrives. 

Its partitioning enables it to contain anywhere from 2-10 pairs.
Because of this you can use it for whichever of your favorite socks you like without having to worry about preparing different sizes of container, which also makes it very economical.

NO-OK  high quality fashion socks

Apr 24, 2011

Earthquake in Japan on April 11.

To my friends in the world.
Come and help us to thank you.
I Want to share our creativity with people around the world.

lovery cherry blossomes in this spring