Apr 29, 2011

Socks gift package design

There are many opportunities to give away as a present the very practical gift of socks,but since socks are an item that goes on one's feet, the giver might end up seeming in elegant.

Even in high-class department stores, socks gift boxes are often contained in packaging designed in poor taste. Therefore, I designed socks gift packaging intended to be in better taste than any other brand in the world.

This gift packaging enabled the giver to express their selves sincerely, by giving socks as a gift that allowed the recipient to assert his or her fashion sense from the feet up. 

A gift box exclusively for a mat preparation cosmetic board. The NO-OK embossed logo on the lid shines as if it didn’t have a care in the world, and it uses a warm design that enables one to feel the sentiments of its sender the moment it arrives. 

Its partitioning enables it to contain anywhere from 2-10 pairs.
Because of this you can use it for whichever of your favorite socks you like without having to worry about preparing different sizes of container, which also makes it very economical.

NO-OK  high quality fashion socks

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