Jun 5, 2011

a traditional family crest used for graphic design

The traditional Japanese family crest is often used to graphic design of material.They symbolize  the natural animal and plants.

Healthy ice cream made with no artificial colors or preservatives and minimal fats produced by a Kyoto restaurant that tenaciously pursues a "slow food" concept.

 I expressed traditional flavors of Japan (soy flour, azuki beans, greentea, Japanese mugwort, brown sugar syrup) using colors. I used a Phoenix illustrated with a traditional Japanese family crest as the unified image of the brand. It included a wish that the customer “take care of your body, so that you may live a long life”.

They are used in the crest with a simple shape. Their shape has a meaning,a message is transmitted instantly to the people saw it. So crest is often used for design.

The concept resonated throughout Japan, and was featured in such media as magazines and televisions. It became one of the most popular ice cream in Kyoto.